as part of the International Night of the Museums 14.05.2011, at 08:00 p.m-00:00 a.m
In his animations, Marek Działek plays with the modern image culture available on the Internet. The global web is treated here as a huge junkyard, an infinite source of images. The films are a satire on the surrounding world, which, according to the artist, is “full of madmen becoming idols, and idols going mad (...).” He further says: ”Five minutes of fame multiplied by five million users creates quite a popular television channel, which shows that our culture has truly become a mass culture.”
From this pop cultural noise Działek extracts the interesting elements, puts them together and makes short films – a pop cultural medley seasoned with good-humoured sarcasm. The animations are a moving collage, a free juggling with audiovisual culture, in which Vincent Van Gogh and Vincent Vega fight for a higher audience rating.

Municipal Institution of Culture