How to collect funds for an artistic project? is the main question that we will approach during the meeting at Laznia Contemporary Art Center on Tuesday, September 13, at 5 pm in Laznia Contemporary Art Center. This event is a part of the Inkubator program, conducted in Laznia. During the meeting we will present you the very first crowdfunding platform In Poland that is designer solely for artists, creators and innovators, Everyone, who searches for new financing methods in such creative areas as: Art, Comics, Design, Dance, Fashion, Film/Video, Photography, Technology, Theater, Music, Publishing and Food is invited.



The lack of adequate funds results in many innovative and outstanding projects being left undone and forgotten. Not always there is a chance to obtain money from the government or commercial sponsors. Still though, our idea often receives a positive and supportive feedback from our community. Crowdfunding is an attempt to solve the problem of art financing through the immense potential of individual support. Through small donations (even 10 PLN) people interested In the project may contribute to its realization. All around the world, thousands of projects are done thanks to this tool. Beginning from September 1, 2011 such crowdfuning platform,,  will be available also for artists in Poland. The platform has been created by the United Nations Development Programme, Project Office in Poland.











The meeting about the mechanisms and rules governing will Take place on on Tuesday, September 13, at 5 pm in Laznia Contemporary Art Center in Gdańsk (1 Jaskolcza str.). The meeting is open to anyone interested in new financing methods.  

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