LAZNIA 1 2004 - PALSECAM ext
17th September 2004-11-08

PALSECAM EXT is an audio-visual project created by Łukasz Szałankiewicz from Cracow and Michał Fiedorowicz from Białystok. This is a synthesis of contemporary electronic music and video art. The artists present their shows in gallery spaces, stating that, as opposed to common clubs, galleries give the specific and sublime character of the reception. For the presentation in Łaźnia the authors prepared the pre-premiere show, of which the next parts will be shown in KAPELICA Gallery in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and in Grazu Gallery (Austria) as a part of the “In DuST” project.
Łukasz Szałankiewicz: sound-designer, promoter of contemporary electronic music, participant of many international festivals (Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and Poland in Bunkier Sztuki during the Audio-Art festival, in Kordegarda Gallery, Zamek Ujazdowski – Centre of Contemporary Art. (Laboratorium)) as well as many other places. He cooperates with many artists from Poland and abroad.
Curator: Joanna Charchan
Municipal Institution of Culture