08.10.2004, godz. 18:00
He creates music using an internet sampler (, the workings of which are based on the errors in simultaneous reconstructions of flash films. The computer that makes these errors during the concert is treated as a partner of this common improvisation. The concert is accompanied by video projections generated by the computer.

Anyone who visits the web site, with its large amount of advertisements, has to deal with the “phenomena” upon which the idea of “error instruments” is based. Flash Player is forced to simultaneously play several movies, which cannot be synchronized. If sound is added to each of these movies, the Player starts to “play” in an unpredictable manner.

Some of the movies are held, in some of them only the sound is played, etc. Moreover, the resulting performance depends on the computer processor’s speed, capacity of the graphic card, screen resolution ect.

By the controlling the order in which the explorer’s windows are opened, the virtual scores that make up the skeleton of the composition are created. But the piece itself will be performed differently each time. (A. Witkowski)

Adam Witkowski (born 1978): The Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk 1998-2004, graduation work at Wojciech Zamiara, the initiator of the ephemeral show “A Friend from the coast” (five editions of this show have already taken place) and the co-author of the “Have a noise day” festival.
Curator: Joanna Charchan
Municipal Institution of Culture