LAZNIA 1 2004 - HEDKIKR (Lindsay Vickery & Darren Moore) FANTASTIC VOYAGE
12th November 2004, 6 p.m.

Fantastic Voyage, Hedkikr (Lindsay Vickery & Darren Moore)(Australia)

concert, video, interaction

The Australian duet HEDKIKR creates the unique electronic composition with interactive video and intensive improvisation. Since 2001 when the project was created, Vickery and Moore had played in The Knitting Factory (NYC), DC International Dance+ Improv Festival, WhatisMusic? Festival and MIUC (VIC), Biennale of Electronic Art Perth, the Totally Huge Festival and Club Zho (WA) and recently in the USA tourney. HEDKIKR cooperates closely with Tissue Culture and Art, the artistic group from Perth, inspiring with organic world and the rules that drive body cells and trying to transform it in music. The music and picture of HEDKIKR duet is an interaction of sound, psychological experiences and subconscious. The artists often cooperates with MIBURI JUMP SUIT – a dancer.

Lindsay Vickery – a composer, performer. His work is a connection of acoustic and electronic music. He works on solo projects but also improvises and creates works which combines the opera and interactive video. He showed his works in Asia, Europe, USA and of course in Australia. As an independent artist he played in Galapagos (NY), Zeitgeist (MA), IMC (IL), CEMI (TX), Kraakgeluiden (NLD), VieBar (UK), REV01 (QLD), MIUC (VIC), WhatisMusic? (VIC), VCA (VIC), Sydney Fringe, Totally Huge and Zho Club.

Darren Moore – a percussionist, absolvent of WAAPA, comes from Australia. He was linked with London music scene, recording his music with many formation starting from jazz, big band and blues through funk, studio sessions and other avant-garde performances. Since 2001 he works in Perth on independent projects like HEDKIKR duet and Open Source Project.

Kaffe Matthews, Anna Zaradny, Robert Piotrowicz

electronic, video (Londyn, Szczecin)

Kaffe Matthews – is the one of the most active artists of the new electronic media scene in Europe. She uses the latest electronic gadgets creating a new relation between the sound and the picture. Since 1996 she plays regularly in many clubs, galleries and concert halls. She played with Ryoko Kuwajima, Zeena Parkins, Sachiko M, Ikue Mori, Marina Rosenfeld, o’blaat, Oren Ambarchi, Alan Lamb, Christian Fennesz.

Robert Piotrowicz – originally a guitar player, now surrounded by analogue devices which sounds he set with electronic guitar sound. Involved in multimedia projects he cooperates with film-makers. He had concerts in Europe and USA. He plays with other musicians like Burkhard Stangl, Anna Zaradny, Tony Buck, John Butcher, Martin Klapper, John Hegre, Xavier Charls, Jerome Noetinger, Kevin Drumm. Together with Anna Zaradny he runs a publishing house “Musica Genera” that organises the Festival of Improvised Music “Musica Genera Festival”.

Anna Zaradny – saxophonist, the absolvent of Musical Academy. She uses her background to play experimental music. She treats an instrument as an open, organic form using also computer electronic. Recently she cooperates with many theatres creating music for theatre performances. She also cooperated with Burhard Stangle, Tony Buck, John Butcher, Joe Williamson, John Herge. Together with Robert Piotrowicz she took part in the following festivals: Audio Art Festival, Music from Mind in Between Chicago, Jazz in E., Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Jazz en Gâtineite. She played in many European countries and in USA.

Curator: Joanna Charchan
Municipal Institution of Culture