22nd July 2005


This concert consists of two parts.

The first part: Koon Ten Duet: Yukino Nono – butoh dance & Yoichiro Kita – laptop + trumpet

“Ko” means “light and dance”. “On” means “the sound”. “Ten” means “the sky”. Ko-on-ten is a combination of Yukino Nono, Japanese dancer and Yoichiro Kita – a musician using an original D-soft “Ninja Jockey” trumpet with electronic effects.

The performance of the duet is totally improvised. Their motto is “Light and sound harmonize and express the world of heaven”.


Yoichiro Kita (Ninja Jockey, trumpet)


1996 DC “Rap Kenpo” presented during Moers Jazz Festival

1997 Vilnius Jazz Festival

1998 European tour, participation in Moers Jazz Festival and Verona Jazz Festival

1999 Producer Ninja Jockey, solo Ko-on-ten and Wa-On Orchestra, etc.

2000 Participation in Asian and European tour together with Shibusashirazu, among others, during Natt Jazz Festival, Moers Jazz Festival, etc.


Yukino Nono (Butoh)


While looking for cultural roots and her own style, Yukino Nono combined her classical background in pantomime with Japanese dance butoh. Her dance is admired all over the world. Her last intensive work was a combined project with French musicians and American photographers.




Music: 001.mp3 002.mp3 003.mp3

Second part: Koon Ten – butoh dance + laptop + trumpet & Lukasz Szalankiewicz – electronic devices.

 Lukasz Szalankiewicz: a sound designer, enthusiastic promoter of contemporary electronic music, participant of many international festivals (he has presented his music in Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic and Poland (in Bunkier Sztuki during the Audio-Art Festival, Kordegarda Gallery, CCA Zamek Ujazdowski – Labolatorium) and many other places. He cooperates with many artists in Poland and abroad. He is well known for his projects PALSECAM and Zenial.

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