In Progress:

26th August 2005, at 6:00 p.m. in CCA Laznia

Lud Hauza

Szymon Baranowski – double bass
Paweł Kapica – violin
Jan Suświłło – clarinet
Cyprian Wieczorkowski – electronics
Maciej Wojnicki – guitar

The Lud Hauza project was formed at the beginning of 2004. Firstly, as a free and very ephemeral orchestra, it was part of the cycle of programs and dancing events that took place at Młode Miasto in Gdańsk Shipyard. Later, it transformed itself into a fully dimensional and cohesive musical group.

The sound of the group is based on the musical axis that combines experimental, minimalist electronic music with the acoustic sounds of violin, double bass, clarinet and guitar.

The contrast of the sounds breaks the stylistic frames (adopted by the group at certain times) allowing the music to drift freely from chamber music through the electronic experimentation to a dance form of expression.

The group’s only album “Kwadrat” (“The Square”) was released in May 2005 and is a celebration of the variety of sounds coming from the unique combination of instruments and the wildly differing experiences of each member of the group. There is room for ambience space, free improvisation and pompous stringed intermezzo in this four-part composition. All these “served” together would be chaotic but thanks to the lucidity of the particular parts, a set of elements necessary to build a new quality is created.

The group will play within the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days in July 2005 and their first full album “Keiser Manevren” will be published in early autumn. All recordings of Lud Hauza are done at the Ostprauster Rundfunk studio that belongs to the members of the group.

Curator: Joanna Charchan
Municipal Institution of Culture