9.03.2007, at 6 p.m.
Visual and multi-media artist, video director, performer, installationist, Milosh has lived and worked in Paris since 2001. After studying anthropology at the University of Cracow and fine arts at Cracow School of Fine Arts, he studied communication and multi-media at the School of Multi-Media in Toulouse. Passionate about music and performing arts, Milosh found new creative horizons in electronic music . Starting as VJ at the first raves in Cracow in 1996, he quickly entered the electronic scene in Germany and joined the Novalog project - the voice of young artists captured on electro in both Berlin and Cracow. While vjing in Berlin clubs , he also produced art installations and videos. In 1998, as a fine arts student in Toulouse, he was an active member of the mix-media collective "Inkorporation" which had a strong influence on the electronic movement in the south of France. There, he developed his own unique style - a fusion of image, sound and text. His project "MPV3" was one of the most successful presentations at the Frankfurt Literature Exhibition (Frankfurt Book Fair?) in X. In 2000, he started working with the label F Communication, directing a video clip for Elegia and vjing on the "Electronic with no limits" tour.
He realised videos for Addictive TV °Mixmaster° and French Cancan °Urban Session°- series /vj creations with electronic music.

Milosh was resident VJ at Compostie at Pulp and at Music Box (the versatile party) at the Nouveau Casino. Now, every month, he makes installations, visual creations and mixes - for °Monoculture°- event of Patrick Vidal in Paris. He is continuously researching into art and new media. "Entropie", his best-known project, which mixes performance with multimedia installations, is exhibited in France and abroad.
4XPARIS is the outcome of his many years of vjing and research. Unique, innovative and ambitious, 4XPARIS is meant as a report of ephemeral artistic events.

Curator: Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Municipal Institution of Culture