13.04.2007, at 7 p.m.
Born in Taiwan, Yehlin Lee has been active in new music scene in Taiwan since 2001. As a master degree holder in electronics of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, he experimented in various ways to create sound. He built his binaural microphone, with which he made spatial soundscape recordings, and he developed his patches using Max/MSP software to make his electroacoustic music compositions. In 2002, he joined Taipei Sound Unit, a free-form sound-art collective united by prominent Chinese sound artist Dajuin Yao. He develops his music through extracting the internal energy contained in sound material, and cross-translates the metaphor within. His concept of soundscape work con-cerns the LIFE where people live, but the neglected moment and places.
 Since September 2004, he entered the DEA ATIAM program of IRCAM. In Feb 2005, he worked and learned from French composer Jean-Claude Eloy, and developed a performance en-vironment in Max/MSP. He also works as the official trans-lator of Max/MSP tutorials for Cycling `74.

Curator: Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Municipal Institution of Culture