17.05.2008, at 6 p.m.
The key artists of Polish electronic music. Nemezis was founded in 1996 by Łukasz Pawlak and since then their music underwent evolution from heavy industrial to much more lyrical ambient. The critically acclaimed album “Whispers From Behind The Window” (Vivo, 2001) became popular with the audience and had success within electromusic stage. The latest album “Inbetween” (Vivo, 2007), recorded with a new lineup of musicians (Pawlak, Kucz, Bociński) was presented at the festivals in Cieszyn and Gorlice in July 2007. According to the reviewer of Gazeta Wyborcza: “The music is based on ambient spaces and thus the whole floats lightly and ethereally in the air. These are not, though, minimalistic suites which make the listener desperately seek for the melody and rhythm. It is an album with ethereal, dreamy, drowsy songs which are short and concise. They make up a delicate and warm compilation. Beautiful.”
The band cooperates with multimedia group Suka Off who prepare visuals for Nemezis’ concerts.

Municipal Institution of Culture