11.07.2008, at 6 p.m.
NUOH: Olaf Nowaczyk a philosopher by vocation and by education. A co-creator of several  music projects, a desk-drawer writer. A shareholder of  "audio tourism" project.
Artist about himself: “While creating music I employ some rules: from Heraclites the rule of ever-changing reality, from Marx the rule of non-alienated work, and from Taoism the rule of disappearance of the border between the creator and the matter. If all are fulfilled then I am content. If not: delete? Yes.”

PRAWATT was established in 2004 in Gdansk, from the idea of Jachi – electronics engineer fascinated with electronic music. The sound of the ensemble is based on self-constructed electronic instruments and effectors operated by Karol Schwarz, a multitalented musician and a composer, a participant of numerous music projects. The group is complemented by Szymon Albrzykowski, operating a generator and a gramophone, who is known from "Szelest Spadających Papierków" (The Rustle of Falling Paper-bits).

Prawatt creates experimental electronic music without using MIDI or computers. It builds long compositions, affiliated with ambient, post rock and noize. The trance-like character of some compositions is disturbed with portions of energy and noisy frequencies. Each gig is an improvisation. They always search for new sounds through constructing their own instruments. It is a project open for the innovative experimentalists. For their sessions they invite music personalities (Jerzy Mazzol, Jon Dobie, Roman Sebastyanski, Miervuug Sveerg), making each recording a phenomenal event. They performed in Tricity, Warsaw, Torun, Wroclaw and London. They performed at Unsound Festival and Moondala Trance Festival. In 2005 they supported KMFDM in Gdynia.
They recorded five albums. Two published by Sault ("Prawatt", "Half Los"), two published by their own label Nasiono ("Dziady", "Man und Cios”) and the newest "of Soul vol.1" for Mahorka netlabel.
Municipal Institution of Culture