01.08.2008, at 6 p.m.
Members of Neokwartet: Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka - I violin, Paweł Kapica- II violin, Michał Markiewicz - alto, Krzysztof Pawłowski- cello

Artists about themselves:
"For two years we have been playing in Tricity and we specialize in performing the most recent contemporary music. Lately we did recording of A. Stulgińska Quartet "Take the City" in W. Lutosławski studio in Warsaw, the recording shall be published by DUX label. We try to surpass the stereotypes for classic strings quartet. We care to show our public some works recognized in the world but less often or never performed in Poland. We would like to create works integrating all branches of contemporary art. This inspired us to perform "Different trains" by Steve Reich.

In the program of the performance: Steve Reich " Different trains" and impressions for strings quartet, A. Stulgińska "Take the city".
Municipal Institution of Culture