22.10.2008 at 6 p.m.
JØRGEN KNUDSEN  started working with experimental and electronic music since 1980, first in a punk band, later with his own music often assosiated with performance art, theatre and dance.
In the 80s Jorgen mostly played instruments together with cassett and tape players, cut and splice, mix and feed-backs, later more and more different devices as they develop. Many has decribed the efforts as romantic noise music, with both minimalist and chaotic elements.
Since 1990 the most focus has been on staged dance production, with many different choreographers, and art performances with invented instruments.
Knudsen have also released some cd with Per Henrik Svalastog under the name Information (on Beatservice, and Rune Gramofon). CD „Artifacts” was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in 1998.
As for staged works he have praticipated with Baktruppen, since 1986 and performed his works in more than 30 countries.

Concert organized in cooperation with UNSOUND festival: www.unsound
Municipal Institution of Culture