LAZNIA 1 2008 - munro+NISHIMOTO
06.11.2008, at 6 p.m.
munro+NISHIMOTO live project with guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto

In the year 2007 Takeshi Nishimoto began to play frecuently with the former Laptoporchester Berlin, an electronic laptop ensemble which munro  was member in that moment,  where  he arranged and reworked some of Taskeshis compositions for this ensemble. At that moment  Andres and Takeshi discovered a common interest  in live performances and  discovered that they shared a similar backround in music.They decided to form  a parallel project the laptoporchestra and their solo ones, with the focus in played electronic music with a an accent on improvisation.muinro+NISHIMOTO was born. Early 2008 joined they forces for this live-performance-ambient-sort_of_multimedia- project, which will perform outside of Germany for the first time.

Andrés G. Jankowski - 1605munro
Andrés G. Jankowski was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is radicated in Berlin. Andrés works as a performing artist, sound-designer, internet- and multimedia-designer.In the late 80´s. together with Hernán Nuñez (The League of Crafty Guitarists), he co- founded the legendary group Santos Luminosos. As a result, two seminal works were released at Possible Records,Buenos Aires, “Leuchtende Heilige” and ”Metalambiente”. In 1990 he started his own project 1605munro, with which, he performs solo and with occasional guests, like: Takeshi Nishimoto, Lenka Župková,Tetsuya hori (...)

Guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto embraces and expresses music from the European, Northern Indian, and American jazz classical traditions. He has performed extensively as a solo artist, as well as in collaborations with musiciansthat range from the late sitar master Rahul Sakyaputra to electronic composer John Tejada. Born in Fukuoka, Japan, Takeshi came to the United States for one primary reason-to study guitar. Also, Takeshi had the jazz guitar legend Phil Upchurch as his mentor. In 2004, Nishimoto start playing the northernIndian classical instrument "Sarod" under the guidance of Pt. Rajeev Taranath. Beyond USC, Takeshi also received personal instruction from the legendary Pepe Romero, playing in four of his master classes. What these teachers, as well his audiences appreciate in Takeshi is his relentless pursuit of musical innovation.He is very open, and that openness extends to his playing. He sees no conflict between the new and the old, and that is part of what makes his music so compelling.

Concert organized in cooperation with Moving Closer Festival:

Municipal Institution of Culture