4.12.2008, at 7.30 p.m.
Michael Begg has chosen the release of Human Greed’s third album - Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star - to present, for the first time, their haunting, twisted sounds to a live audience.

Begg and his collaborator Deryk Thomas have, for eight years, been quietly plundering a palette of dislocated voices, tortured sound signals, field recordings, samples and other audio clips which are then heavily processed electronically along with simple melodic lines to produce what has been termed “melancholic extremism”.

Begg still considers himself to be primarily a writer and insists that what Human Greed are creating are fully formed - though often wordless - narratives. “Words” he says, “are always open to negotiation, to interpretation. It seems increasingly clear that words are also increasingly and pointedly used to control, influence or debase the individual. So, for me, I try to expose the subject material as pure documentary. It speaks for itself. It is completely non negotiable. If Human Greed elicits an emotional response in the listener, they can be sure it is a very pure, natural and human response – which is why, perhaps, that the feeling is often one of overpowering sadness and loss.”

“In a perfect world, more people would see Michael Begg's Human Greed and the very best of their contemporaries for what they truly are: modern painters of our souls’ greatest and weakest points. And, in this sense, maybe it’s fair to surmise that this is where 21st Century ‘soul’ music really is"
 quote from Adverse Affect  magazine.

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