05.02.2009, at 6 p.m.
Musician born in Argentina from Polish mother and Argentinean father. Based in Berlin since 2004. He plays bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, mixers-saxophone feedback, and Sruti Box. He plays mainly self-composed and improvised music, focusing in the time experience and the perception experience as main subjects. He works time in the research of constructing no narrative music, and perception working sound in its most granular characteristics and its extremes. In terms of instrumental playing Capece uses his own extensions and preparations. He considers everyday sounds as a main influence, as well as artists from other disciplines, like Robert Bresson and László Moholy-Nagy. Capece directed in 2007 a sound-lights-acusmatic project performing with the “Light-Space Modulator”, the legendary kinetic sculpture built by László Moholy-Nagy in 1922-1930. Capece finished academic studies as a classical guitar player and studied the John Coltrane’s approach to saxophone playing and classical and contemporary music in the bass clarinet, in Argentina. He studied his instruments also in Lyon, France in 1997 with Louis Sclavis and stayed in New York in 2000, meeting several musicians related to improvisation and new music (Tim Berne, Hank Roberts, Marilyn Crispell, Gerry Hemingway, Jim Black). He moved to Europe in 2002 establishing himself in Berlin in 2004. Since then he has been active in the improvised music scene, playing in Europe and Argentina and releasing several CD’s.
Municipal Institution of Culture