16.05.2009, at 6 p.m
Pomassl is one of the dazzling figureheads of the cutting edge electronic music scene. The Austrian based psycho-physio musician, sound and recording artist, Laton label frontman and turntablist, counts to the early protagonists and today's exploring pioneers of new electronica and future experimental play. From 1996 up till now, the founding member of Laton has released seven full-length solo-albums, three vinyl ep's, did numerous contributions on labels such as Laton, Raster-Noton, Craft, Mille Plateaux, Ash International, Nexsound. Uniquely realized thanks to prototypes and electronic instruments that he developed himself, Pomassl's current work is the quintessence of power and astonishment among all the musical genres that he's explored as an artist up to this point – but reduced to their simplest parameters. Pomassl is one of the emblematic figures of a sonic pursuit pushed to the extreme. Fuelled by a reputation for being an unparalleled performer.

TRANSFORMATOR is a project of electronic arts, the base idea of which is to research, and consequently and development of a city as an informational, energy volume and construct. A project is a way of a search, research, transformation/re-creation of energy sources of a city into energy of electricity, with their next transformation through an artist-transformer into artwork that becomes a source, transmitter, and translator of its own energy. Signified narrative line foresees consideration and perception of a city as living constantly variable organism of informational and energy forms. A project is a method of search, research of both sources of city and forms and ways of their transformation, representation, through combination, clash of different technologies. The identity of TRANSFORMATOR lines up also round a form «project», but not a festival.
One of reasons of such method of creation of project' construction is contained in the idea of «establishing transformers» in different cities, that will allow a project to be not snapped to on one space, but be more flexible, mobile, to the variables. The project seemed also as a specific device for transmitting and creating artistic energy and forming and promoting communication as on local, as international levels. Research not only one, certain city, and research of city on the whole, city as certain education, constructions for life of man, city, as form in which and through which going through, different streams of energies and information, form, which becomes a source, stream, transformer, a metaphor of transformation.
Municipal Institution of Culture