04.06.2009, at 6 p.m.
Martin Küchen was born 1966 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. He wanted to take lessons on drums, but his parents made him ”choose” the flute instead, which became his main instrument from the age of nine until he stopped when he was twenty. When he was thirteen he started to sing in a rock band. That group ended after some years, but he never have stopped singing. From 1985 to1987 he attended the Music school of Skurup, Sweden. It was a very jazzorientated education, but when he persuaded a bass and drums and piano to join him playing a standard on his tenor saxophone (which he started playing when he was fifteen), but in an Ayleruesqe way, they laughed him to pieces. That was the years of ”Spyro Gyra” and fancy keyboards. From 1988 – 1993 busking in the streets and subways in Sweden and in Europe. In the year 1992 he consciously met ”free improvised music” for the first time, the years after inspired by groups like GUSH, Lokomotiv Konkret and Iskra. 1995 –1997 worked as a klezmer inspired Cirque Noveau musician, toured in Scandinavia and in Europe. In 1995 he also visited Guinea, West Africa, for a three weeks´ dancecourse, but ended up playing with Alphones Suomas band up in the mine districts of Guinea. From the year 2000 onwards he has toured and performed in Scandinavia and in Europé with figures like Phil Minton, Sirone, Mark Sanders, Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann, Tony Wren, Cloudchamber, Tony Bevan, Luc Houtkamp, Joe Williamson. In 2003 he wrote and performed the music in the theatre act ”Woyzeckmaskinen” (The Woyzeckmachine) performed by ”Teatermaskinen”, a free theatre group, based in Riddarhyttan, Sweden.Visit their homepage From 2004 he makes sound installations to the artist Katerina Mistal´s work.

Before the concert will take place the promotion of the record " Exploratory Music From Poland vol. 1", very important for the popularization of polish contemporary music abroad.
Presented by Marcin Barski from Audiotong.
Municipal Institution of Culture