10.07.2009, at 6 p.m.
This is the first project of this couple, combination of deep electronic sounds and naive
animations, search of subjective sign system of communication for personal perception.
Raising feelings memories are the subject of music and animations, which are provocation for the formal side of the enterprise.
Pictorial stories without content, about journey without particular destination through
one of paralleled electronic worlds, in which audiovisual form is only a background for the real story taking place in spectator’s subconsciousness.

HOLA ONE: Marek Ogorzałek aka Hola One – the man who started his musical adventure in 1997 as a DJ in underground hip-hop project. From that time he made a long journey in search for proper forms of expression of his emotions and feelings. His musical style is a combination of full of life ambiance spaces with unexpected turns of action, with experimental, some times surprising sounds of the environment. Radio Vombat resident. His first music production came out in March, at the same time label Subterra was initialized – Internet Production Company promoting minimal culture.

AGNIESZKA WOŹNIAK: Graduated from graphic design department of The Academy of  Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She was participating in photography and animation collective exhibitions ( in Gdańsk, Kłodzko, Bratislava and Prague) as well as had her one man show in WiMBP Gallery in Gdańsk.

Rustle of Falling Papers was a legendary music band, however nowadays only some dim memories about it remained, and only few people are able to say what it really was. Band was closely related to artistic group Totart from Gdańsk, and in the 80’s co-created local artistic underground.
Rustle of Falling Papers of XXI Century is a rustle of cybernetic stacks. It neither brings rest nor solace. It is abstract chaos of 8-bit retro sounds of forgotten Nintendo console, tangled in jungle of generator’s squeaks, rasps and rattles.


Municipal Institution of Culture