24.02.2010, at 6 p.m.   

PENTRAL project explores the phenomenon of reverberation/echo in sacral interiors and renders the specific atmosphere created within. The project was realized by recording vocal tracks, organ samples and “found sounds” (altar bells, noises, church bells and clocks, footsteps, street noise) in historical temples of Gdańsk. The following studio work focused on the amplification and transformation of the reverberation effect, generated by diverse acoustic impulses, like singing, organ playing etc. The voices or organ phrases were used as an impulse which set off the acoustic potential of the interior, and, as such, were later erased and eliminated. The samples featured on the recording are as a matter of fact the remnants of a sound, the moments of resonance, while the basic acoustic impulse fades and blends with the low-pitched hum filling the church. The sounds, prepared and noised in a specific way, became material for spatial, mysterious compositions.

Curator: Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Municipal Institution of Culture