05.08.2010, at 7 p.m.    
Electronic composer and artist Anja Kaufmann expresses the definition of her observations and interests within sound systems.They find their forms in installations, software, compositions, live plays and performances. Anja was born in Switzerland, where she studied New Media. Influenced also by a biological approach, her works are concept-based and investigates such notions as science phenomena, social studies and interdisciplinary information architecture. One realisation of her and Roman Häfeli is “RadioSolarKompass“, a programmed internet radio, which plays radio streams from all over the world depending on Sunrise.  Experimental electronica plays an important part in interpreting and processing her creations. The most intimate moments are shown in live plays, when she combines the elements in a personal eclecticism of minimal, slow beats, distortion, field recordings and voice processing.

Municipal Institution of Culture