10.09.2010, at 7p.m
kIRk – the trio from Plock travel across territories, passing through turnpikes such as Detroit, London and Berlin, and have expanded their artistic formula as changes in the cast took place. They caught the interest of Si Begg or Mary Anne Hobbs; collaborated with Mark Hawkins and LUC; performed in the Tresor, as well as at festivals such as Heineken Open’er 2010, Plateaux 2009 and Era Nowe Horyzonty 2007. All these elements make up the broader picture of the collective’s work, which efficiently avoids all attempts of defining and branding.


Stendek – an audiovisual project by Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz, a graduate of the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. His work is inspired by music styles such as ambient, minimal and IDM. Live performances are always enhanced by visualizations made by the author or live mixes by guest VJ’s.

Maria Kraśnicka – visual project: video and animation. Her work is mainly inspired by the world of nature. She aims to turn each performance into a narrative. For her, creating stories live by mixing images is the most suitable form of expression_ and acts as a stimulus for future works. Her latest creations are composed mainly from personal, nostalgic images.
Municipal Institution of Culture