LAZNIA 1 2011 - Z’EV + HATI
07.05.2011, at 7p.m
Z’EV (Stefan Joel Weisser) was born in 1951 in Los Angeles. He studied art and poetry. From the end of the 60s he has been researching the rhythmical structures and drum music of Ghana, Southern India, and Bali. In the 70s he was one of the initiators of the cultural movement known as “industrial”; he organized poetry readings, performances, and since 1997 he has been giving solo concerts. Within the industrial context he became known as charismatic shaman of the industrial era  a lonesome drummer using an eccentric set of ethnic instruments and industrial waste. Z’EV performed his music in many countries on many prestigious festivals  in Europe, America and Japan. He has also presented numerous installations and organized art workshops. He created multimedia works combining music, performance, video and theatre. He is one of the best and most original modern drummers.

HATI is a group whose music mostly relies on acoustic sounds  ethnic instruments and recycled objects, creating experimental ritualistic-meditative and improvised music. The group was formed in 2001 in Toruń by Rafał Iwański and Dariusz Wojtaś. Since 2006 they performed as a trio with Rafał Kołacki, and since 2007  as the Iwański/Kołacki duo, with guest performances from Dariusz Brzostek and other musicians. The group played a few hundred concerts in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Great Britain, France and Denmark.
Municipal Institution of Culture