09.07.2011, at 7 p.m
Marek Ogorzałek, aka Hola One, is an artist from Gdańsk who has been producing electronic music since 1997 on the AudioTong label. The concert features his debut album. The material was recorded in cooperation with ten artists from around the world presenting various musical styles and different techniques of production. Each piece of music is a unique combination of deep electronic structures, vivid instruments and poetry, sung by Leonardo Rosado, aka Subterminal, which gives the music its extraordinary character.

Maciek Szymczuk, due to his enormous versatility, plays with many different people under various labels. As MACIEK SZYMCZUK he combines ambient, ethno and experimental electronic music into atmospheric music bordering on the edge of reality and dream. As AABZU, together with Zenial, he tries to combine various musical interests into a multicoloured mixture which takes the listener on an exotic journey. As ANOTHER ONE, with Kuba Łuka, he channels his passion into a violent and energetic blend, in which the dynamic rhythmic is combined with wild guitar and synthesizer sequences, which results in the creation of an absolutely unique trance music. As TERMINUS he is inclined towards oniric techno where musical sequences fade into the fuzz of open spaces. He also does remixes.

Municipal Institution of Culture