24 SEPTEMBER 2011, AT 7 PM    

The Belgian project Hybryds – permanently led by Sandy Nys (who performs under the pseudonym Magthea) – is an institution operating within the independent scene. This year it celebrates 25 years on stage. Hybryds started as a part of a cassette stage mail-art in 1986 after the breakdown of Absolut Controlled Clinical Maniacs (which The Klinik and Hybryds originate from), whereas in the nineties of the previous century they produced a whole series of excellently received records. Their music combines elements of ambient, field recordings, noise, trance, and even techno – all of these mixed with postindustrial electronics with strong accents of ritual rhythmicity.  They have cooperated with such artists as Dirk Serries (aka Vidna Obmana/ Fear Falls Burning), Herman Klapholz (Ah Cama-Sotz), Dirk Ivens (Dive, ex-The Klinik) and Djen Ajakan Shean.

From the beginning of their activity, Hybryds have tried to study the influence of music on the (sub)consciousness of the listener, sending them in a sound trance. On the one hand, the record “Soundtracks from a Dark Side” hypnotized the listener by flowing structures, on the other hand, “Live” presented highly rhythmic compositions. Hybryds was inspired by primitive ethno art as well as the cyberpunk prose of William Gibson. Now visual projections, which constitute the integral part of their concerts and line the band up together with multimedia artists, are equally strong parts of the project. Despite performing for a quarter of a century, Hybryds are still seeking and changing. Hybryds are very well known in Poland due to record companies such as Obuh Records amongst others and numerous concerts performed in the southern part of Poland. This time the project will visit the North and as a part of the “In Progress” cycle will perform in Łaźnia.

Municipal Institution of Culture