LAZNIA 1 2012 - Desiderii Marginis + AB INTRA
11 AUGUST 2012 AT 7:00 PM 
curator: Łukasz Szałankiewicz

AB INTRA (Latin for "from inside") is a single room, studio project of Radek Kamiński, expressed in ambient/dark ambient forms. The idea is to try to find the inner self through sound exploration. AB INTRA is generally an illustration of the images conceived in the mind of the author, however, the usage of a form close to ambient gives the recipients the opportunity to make independent interpretation and insights into the internal realm of their own minds.

Desiderii Marginis is a long standing, Swedish dark ambient act, now active in the scene since almost 20 years. This one man project was formed in 1993 in Mjölby, Sweden by Johan Levin, who remains the sole member. The intention was, and still is to capture the twilight of our dreams and fantasies, and to cast a bleak lightbeam into darkness of everyday life. The first three tapes, "Consecrare", "Via Peregrinus" and "Triptych", made up of material composed 1992-1993, were limited to a modest handfull. Some of these songs later appeared in new versions on the first album “Songs over ruins”, released on Cold Meat Industry label, where the band has released the majority of it’s albums over the years. The seventh full lenght album was released in May 2012 on canadian Cyclic Law label.

Municipal Institution of Culture