10 AUGUST 2013, AT 7 PM
ul. Jaskółcza 1, GDAŃSK - DOLNE MIASTO
curator: Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Guests of this concert are MARCIN DYMITER - EMITER and SUNDIAL AEON
Marcin Dymiter aka Emiter – musician, improviser, and music producer. Emiter works with electronic and improvised music. He composes sound installations, radio plays, and music for film, performances and public spaces, and performs music to accompany silent films. He also conducts audio workshops and promotes the concept of field recording. He works with visual artists and dancers. He lives and works in Gdańsk. 
SUNDIAL AEON is a Polish ambient/chill-out project. The project arose out of the foundations of the Polish independent scene in the early 1990s. In its early years, it was involved with the organization of the computer demo-scene. Later, the project began composing and producing music for commercial use, including music for games, such as Painkiller, Aurora Watching, Datura and many others. The group was founded in autumn 2005 by Radosław “Raiden” Kochman (Aural Planet) and Daniel “Dan” Lulkowski (Hoyden Space). In December 2005, the project was joined by two other creative musicians, full of fresh ideas, Jaroslaw “Giku” Jacek (Itoa) and Patryk “Revisq” Gęgniewicz (Itoa).
Municipal Institution of Culture