05.04.2008, 11 am – 9 pm
The targets of the project are: to show how an architectural project is being created live; to promote contemporary Polish architecture; to foster social consciousness of architecture; to strengthen the image of architecture as an art form as opposed to a mere element of investment process.
Five young architectural studios are invited to take part in the event. They will work in stands open to public and their task will be to create a project – the concept of the building. The topic, consisting of the object’s programme and specific location, will be carefully chosen so it meets the needs of the local community.
During ten hours of the competition the audience will be given chance to observe the process of building up the project – from preliminary discussions and drafts to preparation of models and visualisations. They will be displayed live on large screens. Soon as the project is accomplished, each studio will be given up to 15 minutes time to present their concepts to the audience who will then vote to choose the winners.
The event will be accompanied with lectures on contemporary architecture.
The project is organized by the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław and the web-site
Presentation: Michał Duda (Museum of Architecture in Wrocław)
Municipal Institution of Culture