S&P Stanikas, "Accordion and Fortepiano" Ignas Krunglevicius, „Confessions”
Opening 9 September 2011 at 6 pm

The latest Lithuanian art has already been presented in the Center for Contemporary Arts Łaźnia for the fourth time. So far, as a part of the exhibition project, we have been presenting artists of different generations, comparing important internationally famous artists with the younger generation. This year, we are going to present the works of the S&P Stanikas artistic duet, which, amongst others, represented Lithuania at the 50th Biennial in Venice (2003). The works of S&P Stanikas are hard to describe in a few words. The artists consistently develop their art leaving fashionable aesthetics behind, continually expressing the existential angst of our times. Their works constitute the analysis of the basics of human existence – questions about the place of timeless qualities of beauty, ethics, faith, death, society, history, manipulation. The starting question is easy: being aware of the inevitability of death, why we build systems, auto destructive relations, why do we believe in social utopia. In their answers, they refer to classic media such as photography, drawing, sculpture, which through its form and monumentality refers to totalitarian art and academic esthetics. Ironic works ask questions about ideological roots of styles based on faith in objective beauty. Artists are interested in politics as the outcome of the human condition. It is the subject of analysis expressed intelligently, ironically and with the mastery of workshop. They will be accompanied by the presentation of Ignas Krunglevicius and young artists: the artistic intervention the Cooltūristės group.

Municipal Institution of Culture