LAZNIA 1 2011 - European Day against the Death Penalty
10 October 2011, at 6 pm - 9 pm 

This is another year that CCA Laznia decided to participate in the event towards abolition of the death penalty. On Monday 10 October at 6 pm we will present two movies: Women in Shroud and At the Death House Door. We will also collect petition signatures to grant particular pardons.


At the Death House Door

98', USA, Director: Steve James, Peter Gilbert, 2008


This film by Peter Gilbert and Steve James is about Pastor Carroll Pickett who spent 15 years as the chaplain of the infamous Walls prison in Huntsville, Texas. Pickett accompanied 95 inmates in their last moments before being put to death, as ordered by law, by lethal injection. To many, he was the only man they could talk frankly with. To him, each execution was a personal tragedy. Brimming with pain, he each time recorded the course of the day he was required to perform his thankless service. He was often certain the wrong man has been killed. That was the case with Carlos De Luna, convicted of a murder carried out during a gas station robbery. A recent investigation by journalists of The Chicago Tribune confirmed Pickett's intuition – De Luna, whose many appeals were not recognized by the Texas governor, did not commit this crime. His sister cannot forgive herself for failing to save his life. Together with Pickett, they begin advocating the end of the death penalty. Who has more right and stronger determination to fight for the life of the condemned, than this duo?









Women in Shroud

73', Iran/Canada/Netherlands, Director: Farid Haerinejad, Mohammad Reza Kaziem, 2009


For centuries, women have been subjected to unequal justice in Iran, where "honor killings" are still common and women who run afoul of the patriarchal judicial system have often been subjected to death by stoning. Officially, stoning was outlawed in 2004, but in practice it still happens on a regular basis and authorities usually refuse to do much about it. Shadi Sadr is a lawyer who is trying to bring Iranian justice into the present day; she represents a number of female clients who have been abused by the judicial system (including a woman who, after being raped by her brothers, was jailed on charges of incest) and helps run the organization Stop Stoning Forever, which seeks to bring an end to the barbaric practice. Filmmakers Farid Haerinejad and Mohammad Reza Kazemi present a portrait of Sadr and the consequences she faces when she's arrested for demonstrating on behalf of her clients in the documentary Zanan dar Kafan (aka Women In Shroud), which also profiles a number of the women she defends and the grim legal circumstances facing women in Iran.






Free entrance


Initiator of the event:

Horyzont group

Municipal Institution of Culture