LAZNIA 1 2011 - NARRATIONS 2011. Nature of the city.

17-20 November 2011, 6 pm – 12 am

NARRATIONS 2011. Nature of the city.

AMBER DROPS - Fred Hatt i Daniel Schlaepfer

Place: under the viaduct on the street Szopy

Amber Drops was awarded the first honorary mention in the 3rd edition of The International Competition Of The Outdoor Gallery Of The City Of Gdansk in 2009 for its subtle reference to the importance of amber in building of Gdansk identity as well as for their minimalistic way of dealing with the aesthetics of public space.

Amber Drops is an installation of yellow translucent pebbles made of epoxy resin with a built in led lighting system. The glow of ambers varies in time and rhythm like the breathing of a person. Objects typical of our times of different sizes and of different types are embedded into the resin – like a mobile phone or other relics of today's daily life that had been trapped within like bugs.The artwork will be realized in the autumn of 2011 as a permanent site-specific installation in the space of the Lower Town district under the flyover by Szopy Street. Pulsating lights of the amber stones and their reflections in the mirror-like surface of Invisible Gate by Front Studio group will make an impression that the whole space is alive and breathing.



Grupa Zespół: Monika Waraxa, Iwona Terlikowska, Kuba Budzyński, Bartek Bartosiński
The presentation is a part of the programme Incubator.
Curator: Agnieszka Kulazińska
Place: LKW Gallery (under the viaduct on the street Szopy)


What do you have to do to become an artist? Who is the audience? What do we feel when we visit exhibitions? How does the audience react? Does the artist create? These questions have become a point of departure for the project LET’S DO IT TOGETHER 04. The artists, by asking five simple questions, have invited the audience to think about their way of understanding art and in particular about the new identification of the relation between the artist and the audience. The project constitutes an attempt to create a database concerning mutual needs in this relation and the question concerning the reception of modern art.

LET’S DO IT TOGETHER 04 encourages interaction via the Internet website, where you can share your opinions about modern art. The artists in their project offer the audience to change roles – to be an artist, a person creating a work of art. The entries are collected also through questionnaires completed during presentations of the project in galleries. The presentation in Gdańsk is going to be the fourth stage of the campaign apart from the virtual space. Additionally, we invite you to complete a questionnaire and share your opinions about art.


SKANDHA -Marek Zygmunt

Curator: Ania Szynwelska
Place: St. Mary Hospital street Kieturakisa and the neighboring former nurses’ home, street Redura Miś

The site-specific installation of Marek Zygmunt is set in the former St. Mary’s hospital and the neighboring former nurses’ home, both buildings are currently empty. In the windows of the former hospital a series of small blinking lights refer to the small controlls of life-guarding machines in hospitals. Around the corner, in the second building, a video installation that illustrates the five aspects of physical disintegration which are described by the Buddhist philosophy as the aggregate states of „matter”, „sensation”, „perception”, „volition” and „consciousness”. Marek Zygmunt develops visual equivalents which correspond with the ephermal qualities of these aggregate states in a mix of light and color, graphics and images. Set in a dialogic composition inside the building, the process of constant change can be observed from the outside.


Marek Zygmunt

Born in Gdańsk, since 1995 Marek Zygmunt works as a self taught artist, participating in various kinds of artistic co-operation linking technical development, artistic research and philosophical reflection. He studied architecture and graduated in 2002 from the Technical University of Gdańsk. In the last ten years he has been involved in a broad spectrum of digital, audio-visual productions including videos, performances and installations which have been on display throughout Poland.Focus of his artistic research is the reciprocal relationship of technical, cultural and individual development in the globalized world. The impacts of the industrialization and the dynamics of digitalization change the socio-cultural qualities and perspectives which requires new mind sets. Aim of his engagement in his artistic practice is to partake in the current cultural transformation. He designs digital imageries that can be read as visual allegories of philosophical thought.

Artist’s Website:


MISSED SHOTS - Ahmed Dogan

Curator: Agnieszka Wołodźko
Place: façade of the building on the street Łąkowa 35/38

Different building facades have been riddled with bullets during the war. Today traces are still visible on certain non-renovated buildings.My intervention would be to paint all the traces on the wall with phosphoric paint which would give back the light during night. Traces would be visible every night for several hours. The idea here consists in emphasizing a past moment from history of the city, the building. Making the traces visible during the night is a manner to accentuate or to remind a part of the past.


Ahmet Dogan

French multimedia artist born in 1979. He lives and works in Strasbourg, where in 2005 he finished Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs. His works where exhibited in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Romania.Ahmet Dogan creates mostly installations and videos. In his work the artist uses everyday objects, such as sugar, butter or phonogram, to which he attributes new meanings and functions. He tries to make the elements of his pieces interact with each other. He’s mainly interested in a relation between destruction and creation. Through his pieces he takes into consideration the political and economical order of the modern world. Treating such serious matters as war or death, Ahmet Dogan applies irony and distance that are typical for him.



Curator: Beata Zalewska
Place: Szkoła Podstawowa NR 65 im. Alfa Liczmańskiego, street Śluza 6


For 4 days children from a 5th grade from a neighbouring primary school will be working on the Narration project.
Laznia is located in the neglected neighourhood, children have no place to spend their free time, most of them have a constant touch of chaos on themselves and their families.This project's aim is to show them that even one can change chaos in to a creative and ordered existence. Destruction can be changed into construction and creation. Everything depends on personal will, imagination and creativity. People should learn, that openness and creative imagination in seeing and thinking, can lead to breaking down stereotypes of human lives and lead to a moral and social autonomy, from a young age. Children from 2 groups will be playing freely and uncontrolled with paint on cardboard: splashing, painting with fingers, scratching, cutting... The next step will be working with paper frames. By framing and zooming children will have to find something specific: creatures, situations, imaginary creatures, moods... and then all works will be displayed on the school's wall. The pictures will be given their second life, different meaning. From a world of chaos and disaster the world of new meaning, imagination and creativity will be founded.

Municipal Institution of Culture