ŁAŹNIA 1 2012 - VNO-GDN the more I see, the less I grasp White noise

CAC Laznia in collaboration with Gdansk Archipelago of Culture announces an Open Call for artists-in-residence programme VNO-GDN. It is aimed at young artists working in the field of visual art to participate in the residency from 25th August to 9th September 2012 as part of Lithuanian contemporary art festival – Vilnius Days in Gdańsk. 

Gdańsk and Vilnius, two cities in close historical as well as geographical proximity. Besides a lot of things in common there is still no direct flights. With the project VNO-GDN we build a symbolic, creative bridge – AIR, being an opened studio for young, Lithuanian artists. This studio just as the Fluxus movement will become an opened space for creative dialogue.

The more I see, the less I grasp

White noise

News. Everyday News. Breaking News.

Do they (still) concern us?

Do they break our social order?

Or rather as the english proverb says «The more it changes, the more it stays the same.» 

New media give us the readymade information, often over aestheticised and ready to consume. What is therefore our role as users. Will we see the next pandemia attack as a new entertainment channel?

Maybe our concern is superficial and we feel relieved, as Umberto Eco says, relevied that the problem has nothing to do with us.

Or should we begin to interact ?

The media create white noise. Is it useful from time to time to hide facts that are not suppossed to be revealed ? How to become a responsible consumer? Piere Levy compares contemporaneity to the flood myth, where the Ark floats on the redundant sea of information. How should the contemporary compass look ? Can art be the vehicle?

Deadline of sending the artist’s offer: 1 June 2012

Number of places available: 3

We are offering:
Living space consisting of three connected rooms placed in the CAC Laznia (photos available on the website of CAC Laznia www.laznia.pl)
Exhibition at the end of residency in the CAC or in the public space  
Reimbursement of travel costs – max 100 euro

Artists fee for residency – 400 euro

Artist materials – max 150 Euro

How to apply:
Portfolio - electronic version – format: pdf – in English, including:
Documentation of selected works
Artist’s CV

Short artist’s statement max. 1800 signs / or curator’s review

Please, send the portfolio to:

or aksiezopolska@hotmail.com
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia

ul. Jaskółcza 1, 80- 767 Gdańsk, Poland

*The submitted materials will not be returned

Instytucja kultury Miasta Gdańska