LAZNIA 2 2013 - Nowy Port seen through the lens of Piotr Połoczański and artists in residency Bareun, Jin and Jia Qiu
ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, GDAŃSK - NOWY PORT
July 18th 2013
7 pm - Opening of exhibitions
8.15 pm - Concert of Mazzolleum – the Workshop of Contemporary Improvisation -Jerzy Mazzoll and invited guests Sebastian Mac & Konrad Chyl
9.45 pm -Open- air screening of  “Burn after reading” dir. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
The exhibitions run until 18 August 2013
Piotr Połoczański 
Photography exhibition "2.28 km2" 
Nowy Port, a district of Gdańsk has an area of 2.28 km2. Piotr Połoczański has shot hundreds of photographs documenting its people, their lives, environment and the atmosphere. The district fascinates the artist, what is however the most important for him is the meeting with the people. He describes the reality as it is, without any manipulation or use of ornaments. His works are authentic and naturalistic, and thus fascinating.
When looking at the photographs, one gets a feeling that Połoczański introduces us to the world of his friends. Each picture tells an extensive story about families, local artisans, scrap metal collectors, fire-fighters and neighbours from Nowy Port. The stories we learn are magical and funny, depressing and absurd. We see a neighbour, Mrs Anne. A man in uniform, a former partisan and bandmaster. A tailor with the tape measure around his neck. His neighbours portrayed on the very same bench during Corpus Christi, every year.
Nowy Port has been included in the revitalisation plans of the city, which anticipate its modernization and reconstruction. Połoczański has managed to register the district just ‘in time’ before the upcoming changes.
Presented at CCA Łaźnia 2, exhibition "2.28 km2" presents only a small fragment of photographer’s work. 
Exhibition of artists in residence Bareun, Jin and Jia Qiu
Exhibition of former artists in residency from South Korea and China is mainly based on works accomplished during their stay in CCA Łaźnia from March until June 2013.
Korean artist Yoo Youngjin (Jin) traces the topic of emotional memory. The exhibition will present his earlier works as well as those completed during the residency.
What characterizes Jins’ works is an attempt to restore the memory of people and the architectural objects. In one of his works, he refers to his youth in South Korea. He portrays his classmates and takes a closer look at the effect of time on their memory. In another case he deconstructs a found footage film, showing the destruction of a tower block in East Germany, giving it a new, ironic and ambiguous meaning.
In his works, he highlights the importance of culture of memory. During his residency in Gdansk, he has exposed a photographic series of buildings to a specific process, which builds up for his unique style and creation. 
Work titled "A frog in the well" by a Chinese artist Qiu Jia, documents what is elusive and difficult to catch. Jia plays with customs. He blurs the line between fiction and truth, as he shows the world from the perspective of his room. Together with Jia we look out of the window, like the frog in the Chinese fairy tale.
Hyunwoo Jungs’ (Bareun) works reflect an attempt to accustom and find oneself in a new, culturally and geographically distant location. It is a story about the world seen through the medium of photography. The world built anew from images and sensations, collected by the Korean artist during the three months residency. Bareun like a demiurge, creates the reality around him. His works, made up of hundreds of pictures, create ephemeral images of Nowy Port.
8.15 pm - Concert of Mazzolleum – the Workshop of Contemporary Improvisation: Jerzy Mazzoll and invited guests Sebastian Mac & Konrad Chyl
Concert of experimental music by Jerzy Mazzoll, Sebastain Mac and Kondrad Chyl, in the frames of residency project “Mazzolleum - Workshop of Contemporary Improvisation.”
Sebastian Mac, a musician and guitarist, has his roots in the experimental, electroacoustic and improvised music scene. Konrad Chyl is a percussionist, improviser, sound artist, author of soundtrack to the spectacle “Kosmos” of Lubelski Teatr Tańca. He is an organiser and author of ‘Audiologie’ festival, dedicated to the art of sound and electronic music. 
9:45 pm - Open- air screening of  “Burn after reading” dir. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
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