LAZNIA 1 2013 - S.T.R.H. Dismantling / Finissage

Konrad Smoleński, S.T.R.H.
Dismantling / Finissage: 19th August, 6 pm
Curated by Kamila Wielebska
We invite you to the finissage and dismantling of S.T.R.H. on 19th August at 6 pm. The evening, which will also see the launch of a book associated with the show, will include a performance by the band BNNT: Konrad Smoleński (baritone missile) and Daniel Szwed (percussion). The dismantling of the exhibition closed the day before will serve as the set design.
Konrad Smoleński’s exhibition, S.T.R.H. is open until 18th August.
On 20th and 21st August, BNNT will also carry out a sound bombing at Dolne Miasto. The event will be held as part of the Outdoor Gallery of Gdańsk project.
Municipal Institution of Culture