LAZNIA 2 2012 - Hans Van Der Meer European Fields - The Landscape of Lower League Football
Opening 15 June 2012 at 6:00 pm  
Curator: Agnieszka Kulazińska
The project of Hans van der Meer is a documentation of matches of amateur football teams (including Polish). The work, though done today, recalls the origins of football. The series of photographs show the pitches at the foot of mountains, next to factories and churches, on suburbs and sea shores. Matches take place without cameras, almost without the audience. On the one hand, the photography refers in its form to the tradition of Dutch landscape painting, on the other, it evokes relations from matches from the beginning of the last century. Football is presented as a team sport, that consists of a pitch and 22 players.
The exhibition is realised with a support from the Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw. 
Municipal Institution of Culture