28 November 2013, 7 pm

ul. Jaskółcza 1, GDAŃSK - DOLNE MIASTO


The Blackhole-factory concert scheduled for In Progres, on Friday 28th, has been cancelled due to illness.

Mammoth Ulthana

This musical duo (Jacek Doroszenko and Rafał Kołacki) creates compositions based on the mutual permeation of traditional and contemporary sounds. Electronic sounds are combined with the sound of gongs, bells, horns and a set of ethnic instruments. The result of such a combination is an intense musical space set upon a solid compositional foundation, and at the same time rich in sections of unforeseeable audio occurrences. The ideological concept of the project is built around a vision of the Mammoth Ulthana tribe, an ancient society of shamans. The musicians want to bring to life the phenomenon of experiencing reality by meditating on sound. The duo’s performance will be accompanied by a contemplational visual screening.

Municipal Institution of Culture