LAZNIA 1 2010 - Wojciech Stamm aka Lopez Mausere
23.09.2010, at 7 p.m.
Wojciech Stamm known also as Lopez Mausere – a poet, fiction and drama writer, theatre director, performer, journalist, member of TOTART, involved with “brulion” and its television incarnation Dzyndzylydzy and AlternaTiVi. Co-founder and a spiritus movens of the projects “Babcia Zosia” [“Grandma Sophie”], “Ciocia Leosia” [“Auntie Leosia”] and “Dziadek Stanisław” [“Grandpa Stanisław”]. Co-founder of Polish Loosers Association in Berlin. Together with Krzysztof Maria Załuski he founded bundesstrasse 1 group publishing in 1992-98 quarterly journal “b1”.
He's published in “b1”, “brulion”, “Homek”, “Kolano”, “Metafizyka Społeczna” and „Tygodnik Literacki”, and also in the anthologies Xerofeeria, Overground, You have your poets and Written in Germany.

AIDS or Swedish concentration camp – poetry book (1994)
Lopez Mausere dramatic ideas – dramatic and fiction pieces (2000)
Black Mother – fiction (2008)
The martial law of 1981 was the most crucial time for him as he was accidentally hit by a petard while he was walking with a newly born litter of hamsters to visit his friend. Since then, due to the shock, he has been claiming that he has three mothers.

Project co-organized by National Centre for Culture in Warsaw.
Project co- financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Curator: Paweł Konjo Konnak
Coordinator: Berenika Podrucka
Municipal Institution of Culture