LAZNIA 1 2010 - Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz
14.10.2010, at 7 p.m.
Paweł Dunin-Wąsowicz - essayist, reviewer and critic, chief editor of Lampa i Iskra Boża Publishers, editor-in-chief of "Lampa" magazine. He co-hosted a TV show Good books in TVP1 together with Tomasz Łubieński and Kinga Dunin. He used to work for "Życie Warszawy", "Machina" and "Przekrój" as a books and comics reviewer. He's discovered and published Dorota Masłowska. He writes a blog Kumple [Buddies] together with Jarosław Lipszyc and Piotr Marecki. In 2005 he was awarded with Paszport Polityki Award [Polityka's Passport] in a "creator of culture" category.
He is a son of Krzysztof Dunin Wąsowicz - a history professor in PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences). He sings and plays guitar in a group Meble advertised himself as "the worst band in the world".

Parnassus ENCORE. Dictionary of the Polish literature after 1960 - together with Krzysztof Varga (1995)
Rewelaja (1994)
The Phantom Library. Delusive books lexicon (1997)
The eye of a dragon. The literature from the so-called brulion generation towards reality of 1989-1995 (2000)
Lamps' talks (2007)

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