LAZNIA 1 2010 - Tomasz Budzyński
04.11.2010, at 7 p.m.
Tomasz Budzyński – a rock singer, painter and poet. He is mostly known as a singer in bands such as Armia [Army], 2Tm2, 3 and Budzy i Trupia Czaszka [Budzy and a Skull]. He used to sing in a group Siekiera [Axe]. He's also recorded a solo records: Skeletons’ dance (2002) and Luna (2008). He occasionally played with: Izrael, Apatia, Acid Drinkers, Na górze, Strachy na Lachy. He also played in a documentary film The history of Polish rock (2008) directed by Leszek Gnoiński and Wojciech Słota.

In the following books there are the interviews with Tomasz Budzyński:
The Radicals, Marcin Jakimowicz,
The Bottom, Marcin Jakimowicz,
Punk Rock Later, Mikołaj Lizut.
He is a composer for the music to the performance Iuvenilium Permanens staged at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków. Married, two children. 

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