LAZNIA 1 2013 - Bezkoc
10 October 2013, 7 pm
ul. Jaskółcza 1, GDAŃSK - DOLNE MIASTO
Curator: Paweł „Konjo” Konnak


MISTICS – WRITERS – MADMEN is a monthly series of meetings with authors, ongoing since 2010. Its purpose is to acquaint participants with the works of major figures in the alternative literature scene. The invited authors represent different forms of presence in so-called ‘underground literature’. They all have one thing in common – their unwillingness to accept the world as it is and their contestation of its repressive socio-political reality. Bringing these colourful characters together offers a new perspective for assessing literature that was deemed unacceptable by the public in the 1980s and 1990s.

Bezkoc, editor of the underground “Pazażer” [The Passenger] magazine, one of the most significant independent music publications in Poland.

Municipal Institution of Culture