LAZNIA 1 2013 - Rzut Znajomym – Concert
8th JUNE 2013, 7 P.M.
Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk DOLNE MIASTO
Rzut Znajomym concert – translating insects microworlds into sound
Art&Science Meeting Project and Smacznego! Foundation invite to a music event dedicated to insects.
The Rzut Znajomym project focuses on insects. Observing flies flying around the kitchen lamp and one of Cortazar’s stories brought up the idea. The main assumption of the project is to translate insects movements into sound, avoiding literal relation and unmusical material. The sound haiku created by Rzut Znajomym may also be understood as a slightly provocative respond to the current news overload or a manifest of arrogant laziness. The best solution though is to come and listen. The concert will be notably improvised. The audience may expect complex sound structures reminding Brownian motion and a warm welcome in form of a mini-lecture.
Mateusz Wysocki beside the Rzut Znajomym project, he also deals with the following music genres: dub-techno (as Fischerle), experimental  (as Procje Rosołowej, Poszmeg), instrumental  hip-hop (as Szubrawy Kot). He also creates video installations (as Paweł Zalewski) and writes children stories. He published in “Qunabu”, “Minicromusic”, “Entropy”, “U-Cover”, “Instabil”, “Basic_Sounds”, “NoEcho”, “Ha!art” and others. Mateusz Wysocki also leads the netlabel Pawlacz Perski.
Municipal Institution of Culture