LAZNIA 1 2011 - Marta Podgórnik
10.03.2011 at 7 p.m.
Marta Podgórnik – b. 1979 r. Poet, literary critic, occasionally also a translator and creative writing lecturer. The author of the following books: Próby negocjacji (1996), Paradiso (2000), Długi maj (2004), Opium i Lament (2005), Dwa do Jeden (2006) i Pięć opakowań (2008). Her works are published in many anthologies, translated into many languages. No awards. Professionally and emotionally tied to Silesia. Her newest book Rezydencja surykatek will have its premiere in February 2011.
Curator: Paweł Konjo Konnak
Coordinator: Berenika Podrucka
Municipal Institution of Culture