LAZNIA 2 2013 - Installation of artists in residence Llobet & Pons as part of residency project „System of Objects”
ul.Strajku Dokerów 5, GDAŃSK - NOWY PORT
22 -29 August 2013
opening: August 22, 2013 at 7 pm 
curator: Aleksandra Księżopolska
Spanish art collective, Llobet & Pons works with installations, sculptures and art in public space. Artists work with everyday objects. They turn them upside down and allow new combinations to emerge. Systems in general fascinate the Spanish art collective. The rules, constraints, internal logic (often false), infallibility become in consequence predictable, chaotic and misleading. While analysing the reality they frequently use irony and humour, which provides site specific objects with new, alternative functions. By disturbing the official rules, they suggest different ways of seeing them.
In the frames of their latest project which will take place in the district of Gdansk, Nowy Port, they plan to investigate the unused space in front of CCA Łaźnia. They will turn it into a specific parking lot. Objects brought by the local community will be imbedded into the cement. This project will bring to life the local time capsule. It will become the space of local memory, the initiator of social circumstances. From one side this piece brings to mind the work of an archaeologist, from other children game of hiding and finding secrets. 
Spanish art duet Llobet & Pons invites You to the first phase of the project “Systems of Objects” on Thursday 22 August at 7 pm.
We kindly ask you to bring objects along with their stories, which will become the heart of the second phase of the project which is to follow. 
The installation runs until august 29th 
Municipal Institution of Culture