LAZNIA 2 2013 - Artists selected in 2013 Open-Call
Artists selected in 2013 Open-Call:
Sigbjorn Bratlie and Llobet & Pons
Sigbjorn Bratlie
Study visit: 23.04-07.05.2013
Residency period: October, November 2013
Norwegian artist, Sigbjorn Bratlie uses classical as well as contemporary techniques. His art practice has conceptual and analytical undertone. A key ingredient to his way of working is what he likes to call ‘the artist as anti-hero’, an artist who desperately tries to create profound, deep-felt and ground-breaking work. This strategy accounts for a lot of humour in his work, a strategy that allows him to see serious matters from an unexpected angle.
Time between the study visit and the two-months residency, Sigbjorn will spend on learning the polish language: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary.
He enrolled in the Polish language course for beginners, equipped himself with a lot of audio books, has become a member of a regional library with the possibility of using on-line resources. The time between visits to Gdansk he will spend on collecting stories of Polish immigrants living in Norway. They will help Sigbjorn to create a video installation and performance art during his residency in Poland.
Llobet & Pons
Study visit: June 2013
Residency period: August 2013
Spanish art collective, Llobet & Pons works somewhere between Barcelona and Berlin. They create installations, sculptures and art in public space. Artists work with everyday objects. They turn them upside down and allow new combinations to emerge.
During their residency they intend to explore the important and characteristic objects for Gdansk. Enrich them with their own interpretations and thoughts.
Systems in general fascinate the Spanish art collective. The rules, constraints, internal logic (often false), infallibility are in consequence predictable, chaotic and misleading.
While analysing the reality they frequently use irony and humour, which provides site specific objects with new, alternative functions. By disturbing the official rules, they suggest different ways of seeing them.
Artists in Residency by invitation:
Kamila Szejnoch
Study visit: June 2013
Residency period: September / October 2013

Kamila Szejnoch works mainly with the public space. She creates installations, sculptures and objects. She adds new layers to the existing buildings which stand in opposition to the current style and function. What is interesting for Kamila, as she emphasizes herself, is the history, urban symbols and ideology in different forms – elements that influence our identity.

During her residency in Gdansk she will attempt to revive the building of the former Marine Culture House in New Port district of Gdansk. The place once vibrant, today is empty and inaccessible to the outsiders.
The starting point for Kamila’s research will be the archival photographs, records and memories of those involved in the life of the former Culture House.
Those wishing to share their stories and materials in relation to the Marine Cultural House, please contact Aleksandra Księżopolska (a.ksiezopolska @
Municipal Institution of Culture