1 March 2014, at 7 p.m.
Łaźnia CCA, ul. Jaskółcza 1
Rongwrong was created in Lublin in 1990. It comprises three members of a post-punk band Colombes: Maciek Piaseczyński, Marcin Kamieniak and Piotr Gałczyński. In 1996 the band members limited their activity to individual practice in visual arts practice, music and business-existential projects. Since 2005 Maciek has once again began his adventure with sound searching. This time Rongwrong or Konglorofon buried itself deeply in the thick forests of Roztocze, listening acutely to the echoes of bygone times. Thus begins a sound journey to unique places and events related to the Second World War and the occupation. One of the inspirations for the project were photographs from that period taken by the photographer Edward Buczak, which show the life of guerrillas hiding in the forests. Recorded interviews with veterans bring back the atmosphere of those times.
The new project is called KRWY (a marsh area somewhere in the heart of Solska Woods where water has a characteristic rusty hue. Some say it is the blood of the guerillas...) – soon available as an LP and CD released by Requiem Records
Municipal Institution of Culture