LAZNIA 1 2014 - Disruptive Impulses – psychosomatic performances
1st April 2014, 7.30 pm
Ryan Jordan (UK) | Gerard Lebik (PL) | Maciej Ożóg (PL)
Laznia CCA, Jaskółcza 1 Str., Gdańsk - DOLNE MIASTO
Curator: Maciej Ożóg
The "Disruptive Impulses" project is a presentation of the current activities of three artists - Ryan Jordan (UK), Gerard Lebik (PL) and Maciej Ożóg (PL), whose performances in diverse ways address the problem of utilisation of all available audio sources in a critical way.
Spoiled, destroyed, malformed, prepared, hacked - all analogue and digital electronic devices used in an unconventional way; interception and signification of electromagnetic waves, human body sounds and signals; unpredictable eruptions of sound, bursts of light and image - psychophysical experience of emergent energy. Decomposition, deconstruction, reconfiguration, recombination, interception, misappropriation, reuse, disruption, technological indeterminacy control/chance.
The artists create intense audiovisual experiments that focus on extreme psychophysical experiences. Using modified, hacked, bent or self-constructed hardware and software they realize sound and visual events, in which they try to induce participants to experience intense psychosomatic processes and at the same time inspire critical reflection on the role of ubiquitous technology in everyday life and its often unnoticed and hard to recognize impact on human existence and life processes in the hybrid bio-technological ecosystem.
The event is organized by the [su:p] Foundation and the Art+Science Meeting Project.
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.
Ryan Jordan - an electronic artist conducting experiments in derelict electronics, possession trance, retro-death-telegraphy and hylozoistic neural computation. His work focuses on self-built hardware, signal aesthetics, and the physical/material nature of experience. Jordan’s live performances make excessive use of stroboscopic light, high volume noise, and electronic stimulation of rocks in an attempt to induce hallucinatory and trance like states.
He has presented his work internationally in a wide range of venues from art and academic institutions to derelict warehouses and squats at places such as Sight + Sound Festival (Montreal, Canada); LACMA (Los Angeles, USA); Subtle Technologies (Toronto, Canada); Transe(s) Symposium (Strasbourg, France); SPILL Festival (Ipswich, UK); Resonant Chamber (Riga, Latvia); FACT (Liverpool, UK); Belluard Festival (Friburg, Switzerland); CTM Festival: CTM.12 (Berlin, Germany); Pure Data Convention (Sao Paulo, Brazil); Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway); ISEA (Istanbul, Turkey); and NEXT Festival (Bratislava, Slovakia).
Jordan runs noise=noise, a research laboratory and live performance platform aimed at developing a network of artists, programmers, and researchers working in the areas of noise, experimental, exploratory, and outsider arts.
Gerard Lebik - creates sound and music, either by improvisation, musical notation or through direct manipulation of sonic material using acoustic, electronic and electroacoustic media. Expands music area through various tools and techniques: tenor saxophones, zopan wave generators, air compressors, analog video feedback, sound objects and software. In 2007 graduated Wroclaw Academy of Music. Began from classical music by jazz, free improvisation to experimental, sound art and noise.
He performed with David Maranha, Eryck Abecassis, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Keith Rowe, Clayton Thomas, Rob Mazurek, Brian Labycz, Hernani Faustino, Gabriel Ferrnandini, Noritaka Tanaka, Bettina Wenzel, hans w koch, Joker Nies, Christian Marien, Anton Hatwich, Marc Riordan, Sebastian Meissner, Maciej Ożóg, Pawel Janicki, Michał Trela, Artur Majewski, Kuba Suchar, Piotr Damasiewicz, Ura Hiroyuki, Yamaguchi Jin Lang .
Gerard Lebik took among others part in those events: V:NM-Festival in Graz, Bienale Zagreb, Tokyo Jazz, TodaysArt Festival Hague, Festival Umbrella Chicago, Musica Electronica Nova, Sibiu Jazz and More, Survival Art Review, Art Of Improvisation.
Maciej Ożóg - sound artist, culture and media theorist. Since the early nineties he’s been involved in experimental music scene of Poland. Founder of many bands (Spear, Ben Zen, Aural Treat, Sub Spa, Quantum Vacuum Oscillator, Nonstate i.a.). He works in the field of live multimedia performance, interactive installations and video art. In his solo performances he critically explores the limial territory between body physical activity and invisible electric infrastructure of hybrid space. He uses custom designed instruments and devices as well as digital and analogue electronics.
Ożóg is an author of numerous articles concerning aesthetics of new media art, critical art, avant-garde film, video, and experimental music. His research focuses on surveillance studies, information and network society, tactical media, bio art and posthumanism. He teaches at the Department of Electronic Media, University of Łódź, Poland.
In 1998-2002 he ran a record label Ignis Project dedicated to electronic and electroacoustic music. Ignis released records by: Francisco Lopez, Ultra Milkmaids, Vance Orchestra, Indra Karmuka, Crawl Unit, Origami Arktika, Chaos As Shelter, EA and Spear. He curated such events as four editions of the exhibition "Die Kunst Ist Toth", concerts by Coil, Noise Makers Fifes, Column One, Troum, Xaviere Charles, Z’ev, Zbigniew Karkowski, Aube, Tetsuo Furudate, Asmus Tietchens, Marco Donnarumma and many others.
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