LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 2014 - Open Call Winning Projects: Ruth Le Gear i Tani Candiani
Ruth Le Gear and Tania Candiani have been selected by CCA Łaźnia to receive support for the research and realisation of new projects in the frames of Artists in Residency Programme 2014. These artists, whose residencies will take place between April and October 2014, were chosen from 118 applications received in response to an open call announced in November 2013.
Ruth Le Gear
“As an artist I am strongly attracted by methodologies of investigation of non-physical phenomena, particularly water memory. I explore scientific methodologies as well as the more intuitive process of understanding these phenomena including homeopathy. These methodologies are polar opposites but I feel that crucial connections are involved in perception and a unified experience is created from differences. I adopt a practice-based epistemology regarding tacit and explicit knowledge as intimately inter-linked and inseparable. I work in a variety of mediums and the outcome of my practice is experimental film, sound and photography.

My project proposal for Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art aims to create a body of work which emerges from the outcomes of research, collaboration and field work based around water memory and various water sites in the district.”
Tania Candiani
Tania Candiani’s research processes take as starting point language, text, sonority, the political implications of the domestic, of what is public and private, and of “the others.” Her work explores different paths and social phenomena that link aesthetics and language. Her translation strategies amongst systems –linguistic, visual, phonic– and practices, generate equivalences and associations, where there is a constant nostalgia for the obsolete, that makes her consider the discursive content of artifacts and on the former projections of future.
“Atlas for Nowy Port”, a project proposed for the residency in Gdansk, is closely connected with her recent working method based on collaborative research process with the local community.
Please check this site in fall 2014 for details on the next application process and our next deadline.
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