LAZNIA 1 1999 - Anneé Olofsson NEW WORKS
Curator: Aneta Szyłak

The works were produced during the artist’s residency in Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. They concerned the emotional relations with the external world. Demons (photographic series) and Cold (video installation) is a twofold image of the emotional void, the feeling of insecurity and the need for privacy. The woman personified by Anneé protects her personal life under the cover of night and plays with endurance in the face of the obstacles of the light of the day. These works change the question about the representation of the woman into the question about the representation of the man, and his role in the relation between two human beings. For, as it seems, it is he who in the Demons series is the true, though not exposed, protagonist of the work.
Municipal Institution of Culture