LAZNIA 1 2014 - Richard Pinhas
Richard Pinhas
Ambient Festival, Gorlice
19th July 2014, 7 pm
"In Progress" cycle will be present at the AMBIENT Festival - International Music Presentations. On the 19th of July French artist Richard Pinhas will perform a concert. 
AMBIENT is a annual festival presenting ambitious electronic music. The main idea of the event is introducing to a wider audience contemporary electronic ambient music. The concerts are often completed with visuals prepared by artists. 
Composer, guitarist and electronics innovator Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians. A pivotal figure in the international development of electronic rock music, Pinhas' stature in France is analogous to Tangerine Dream's in Germany: the father figure of an entire musical movement. The pioneering, aggressive music produced by his band Heldon during the 1970s, fusing electronics, guitar and rock, heralded the industrial and techno to come and remains today vital and unsurpassed. The 'Father' of electronic music in France is also recognized as a world-class guitarist whose "diabolical guitar work" (Progression) earns comparisons with Robert Fripp.
Municipal Institution of Culture