LAZNIA 2 2015 - Grete Aagaard / Rum 46
Artistic residencies
Title: Zapiski z dzielnicy  / Neighborhood Remarks / Nowy Port
Place: CSW Łaźnia, ul. Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk - Dolne Miasto
Artist: Grete Aagaard / Rum 46
Date: 4th March – 15th August
Currator: Aleksandra Księżopolska
Grete Aagard’s project ‘Neighborhood Remarks’ bases on close collaboration with local society of Nowy Port. The artists perceives her role as a moderator, dispatching the greater part of the competence of the group of participants/co-authors involved in the project. The aim of activities within ‘Neighborhood Remarks’ is to study the social and cultural aspects of the area. The search for the artist and co-authors will be a process of appropriation of these areas of the city that mentally and physically are seen as marginal.
Title: Residential Stay of Ruth Le Gear
Place: CEA Łaźnia; ul. Strajku Dokerów 5; Gdansk – Nowy Port
Artist: Ruth Le Gear
Date: Research stay: 21.04-03.05 ; Implemantation stay: June –August 2014
Currator: Aleksandra Księżopolska
Irish artist Ruth Le Gear is fascinated with the research methods of non-physical phenomena, in particular biological memory of water. Her projects are multidimensional compositions combining art with scientific research and unconventional methods such as homeopathy. For one of her latest works she produced a crystal from human’s tears. Currently, her research interests result from her stay at Spitsbergen in 2012, where she analyzed phenomena related to the dynamics of disappearing glaciers.
Ruth Le Gear graduated from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2007. She empolys photography, sounds and video in her projects.  
Artists Ruth Le Gear and Tania Candiani were invited to complete their projects as a part of artistic residencies of CSW Łaźnia in 2014. Their activities will take place between April and October 2014. In response for the contest published in 2013 we received 118 projects. 
Title: Residential Stay of  Youngdon Jung and Taejoong Kima
Place: CEA Łaźnia, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk – Nowy Port
Arists: Youngdon Jung and Taejoong Kim
Date: 1st June – 30th August
Currator: Kyungwoo Chun
Coordinator: Aleksandra Księżopolska

Youngdon Jung and Taejoong Kim belong to the youngest generation of contemporary artists in South Korea. Through their works, they ask questions focusing on particular aspects of their peer’s lives. As careful observers they question the social order. Documenting members of their generation, they present specific, subjective vision of part of new society.
They both studied at the Department of Photography Chung-ang University in Seoul. They exhibited at Breda Photo Festival(2012) in Netherlands, at 5th European Month of Photography Berlin, IN TRANSIT (2012) in Germany, at Alt. +1000 Festival de Photographie (2013) in Switzerland and at Lianzhou Foto(2013) in China. Their works were also presented at Arko Art Center and  Hanmi Museum of Photography.
Municipal Institution of Culture